Name of Association



Article 1: Name of Association


Article 2: Association's Center

Association is located in Istanbul.

Article 3: Objectives of the Association

The purpose of the Association; exhibition stands, product stand, stage design for the company presentation, fashion shows, festivals, design of the concert areas, show room, to get together all legal entities for  cultural exhibits and museum exhibit design in the field ,introduce to the community, identify the company’s rights and authorization, protect these rights, identify the sectoral problems and provide solutions, designate common policies, undertake activities within the sector for intended raising awareness, increasing design and manufacturing quality standards to help ensure maximum satisfaction by customers, to strengthen communication and cooperation between colleagues, to monitor developments related to the sector in the world, industry and society, designed to ensure that qualified products offered relevant institutions / organizations and producer and consumer, is to work at customer level.

Article 4:   Sustainable work subjects and formats to perform the aim

Association actualizes the following activities to accomplish its aim.

4.1.     To do cultural gatherings, seminars, film shows, exhibitions and fairs, sessions, trips related to vocational training, courses and organizes competitions for to build relationships with the people that outside or inside the industry.

4.2.     To facilitate cooperation possibilities and provides space for to meet membership with related persons, establishes social and cultural facilities or let others they are operating,  dinner meetings, concerts, dance, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and organizes fun activities.

4.3.     Through exhibitions and publications introduces high-quality design,  supports ,In this way, both industry professionals as well as  is the awareness of firms engaged in work related to the topic.

4.4.  Publish Newspapers, magazines as definite or indefinite for the purpose and set up the web site.

4.5.   Built relations with the schools that give education for related to the visual arts industrial product designer, interior designer, architect, printmaker and stage designer and thus in the future provide the students adjustment  fairs, to operate in the fields of product and exhibition design and necessary studies, research, surveys and make arrangements, gives scholarships, internships, and provide job opportunities, gives scholarships and internships to the students in need who are studying in this field.

4.6.   Makes studies that will help to solve the problems in their own fields.

4.7.     For to take advantage of the members and interested persons, establishes documentation and information center accordance with the requirements and develops; to work for take advantage from all kind of audio-visual publications.

4.8.   Determines the minimum standards and provides execution according to the type of contract for legal entities and exhibition-stand designers and provide them to take back their professional activities fees.

4.9.  In the line with all of these studies, come together with the offer fair service companies and enter into cooperation both design and implementation issues. Protect its sectorial quality standard as a member or accredited and create its own accreditation system. May collaborate with the other national or international agencies (legal persons, associations, foundations, chambers, federations, unions, etc) and also may be a member of some associations and federations and beside these it may be built a foundation or association.

4.10.   Create a protection board regarding to copyrights for design and law to protect the design firms rights that arising from intellectual property rights thus provide to apply the legislation of law, also fixes the deficiencies in practice and operate some works that provide legal arrangements. Offer some proposals the person concerned and collaborate with the various law offices to support them with sanctions.

4.11. Makes advocacy when arose legal regulations, restrictions trends and unfair aggressions against industry also has the necessary initiatives, beside this, to protect its members’ common interests through legal means, open case to represent them

4.12.   To connect with certain standards of the promotional and merchandising firms’ competitive conditions, create criteria and ensures compliance with them.

4.13.   Members who are its own structure, introduces them to the industry and society.

4.14.   To perform association aims, buy all kinds of real estate and inventory items.

4.15.   To accomplish this object, sets up and operates economic enterprises.

4.16.   Help Collection Act and with the relevant legislation, in accordance with the provisions of regulation, collect donations, accepts last will and testament as conditional and unconditional.

 4.17.   Carrying international nature or associations, foundations that has been operating in other countries and make cooperates with other organizations and can become a member that allowed by Turkish law legislation.

4.18.   The Association which has an affinity with the aim and areas not prohibited by law, to perform a common goal with other associations or foundations, trade unions and other civil society organizations, can create a platform and carry out joint projects with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Association.

4.19.   Do agreements with some of the related industries which are needed for members on behalf of its members and also create units for to give free or paid serve.

4.20.   Merchandising and design of exhibition stands as an element of competition is provided to take place in industrial and trade policies.




Article 5: Members of the Association

There are four types of members of the Association:

1.            Master Member

2.            Prospective Member

3.            Honorary Member

4.            Honor Member

Article 6: Master Membership Terms

The legal entities which have the following qualifications can be permanent member to the association:

6.1.    Have to certify that it operates regarding exhibitions and stand design in Turkey or foreign countries at least one year.

6.2.   Shown activity that stated at the section-The aim of  association- the company's mainly business segment .

6.3.     To be appropriate in design of the originality and quality criteria. By accepting to abide Copyright and design rights in advance and not to have any civil or criminal provisions regarding rape violation to the copyright and design rights.

6.4.  To be shown as a reference from a Permanent member of the General Assembly.

6.5.    To have a portofolio which certifies its proficiency in design. To have enough domestic and abroad experience in previous year of the application date year (quality, perfromed amount of work, m2 (sqm) - number -turnover),   domestic and abroad experience, in terms of authenticity,  due to his earlier projects regarding his work quality, did not meet any negative thing. )

6.6.    To employ a team at least one personnel within the company who is graduated from the industrial product design, interior design, graphic arts, architecture or stage design branches

6.7.   With all of the above qualities of a legal person, main contract, copy of tax certificate, legal person concerning the election of the incumbent Board of Directors, a photocopy of the trade registry gazette, association of legal entities to represent a person's, determined the establishment of joint decision, two photographs of the person who will be represented legal person, residence certificate, copy of birth certificate, detailed curriculum vitae of the legal person that adopt goals and objectives, also indicating that to undertake to pay membership fee and refer with a petition to the association adding in a written reference.

6.8.     The legal person’s rights-gained because of his-her membership-can be used by his-her representative. This representative can be a member of the Board of Director or partner of the legal person. The legal person can change his-her representative anytime he-she wants. When representative is changed by the legal person, all tasks of the representative where he-she undertook at the association- is end too.  

6.9.     Legal entities with the above criteria, can apply for permanent membership. This application will be announced at the association’s headquarters for 15 days period from the date of application. If the memberships of the association offer a letter with evidence regarding the person who is nominate for the permanent membership-where are mentioned on above- he-she is not fulfill of the membership-terms. (This letter is not has a feature for Binding on the Board of Directors)  Board of Directors is free for being received the persons to the memberships even though he-she has completed above criteria. However, within 30 days, the result must be notified as positive or negative with a letter. 

Article 7: Prospective membership Terms

The legal person who has fulfilled a large part of terms for be a permanent membership, but he couldn’t fulfill some of these terms, can be a membership with the decision of the Board Of Directors. The annual membership fee for prospective members will be the half ratio of the permanent members’ annual fees. Prospective members can join all activities that the permanent members are participated and take part at the meetings. But they cannot take some missions and they cannot give vote. If the candidate fulfill all terms for being a permanent membership, can be a permanent member by the board of director decision.

Article 8: Honorary Membership Terms

The real and legal persons can be honorary members who have one of the following qualifications to the Association by decision of Board of Director.

•             Have academic career and will be able to contribute to the association,

•             National or international organizations that have been able to do cooperation or their managers,

•             Honorary members are paying dues depends on their wishes,

 Also participated in the meeting and have right to speak but they cannot have rights for voting and take any task.

Article 9: Honorary Membership Terms

Each ordinary meeting of the General Assembly, for 2 years and limited to 6 people, that can contribute to the association - may be inside or outside of the industry sector, these persons can be Turkish or foreign natural persons upon the proposal of the Board of Directors, can be selected as honorary member with the General Assembly resolution. Also participated in the meeting and have right to speak but they cannot have rights for voting and take any task.

Article 10: Resigning From Membership

Those who have reported the request in writing can resign from the membership. No member shall be compelled to remain or leave in the ASSOCIATION. Leavers are responsible for payments up to date of leaving. If the leaver wants to member again, 6th, 7th and 8th agents account shall be taken again.

Article 11: Self-Termination of Membership

The persons who have lost their qualities where are stated in laws and regulation, have been automatically end. This situation will be determined by the Board of Directors and announced to concerned person.

Article 12: Removing from Membership

If there are any of the following situations, membership registration with the decision of the Board of Directors will be deleted.

12.1. If the member doesn’t pay his-her payments and even if take a warning  note for this and still doesn’t pay (if the member doesn’t pay annual fee this will be caused to remove the member from the Association.

12.2. Acting contrary to the purpose of the Association, managers take the hassle of duties, professional ethics, attitudes and behaviors found in violation of the rules, the association to comply with the decisions taken by the bodies.




Article 13: Organs of Society

The organs of the Association are:

a. General Assembly

b. Board of Directors

c. Supervisory Board

d. Honorary Board

e. Advisory council

Article 14: The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the association and consists of the offices and branches, candidates, permanent members, voluntary and honorary members. The permanent members shall be considered for the meeting quorum and agenda setting and changing. In December every two years, get together in İSTANBUL. Members at least 15 days are called to the meeting by the way of the local newspaper (inform the date, place and agenda)

In this call, they do not provide the majority, meeting does not take place, and the second meeting which is also mentioned its date and where to do.

The first meeting is postponed for a reason other than not to provide quorum, specifying the reasons for postponement for the first meeting and is announced to the members

If the second meeting is not actualized then must be specified the reason of postpone and is called again. General Assembly can not be postponed more than once.

Article 15: Meeting Order, Agenda, Method, Quorum for decision

The General Assembly is collected in two forms:

a. Ordinary meeting is the meeting in accordance with Article 14 and organized by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determines the agenda. If someone wants to talk off the agenda then must give his offer by writing notes to the Director of General Assembly. If the majority has been provided, all tasks must be discussed by the board member. General Assembly may change agenda with the absolute majority. Issues will not be discussed if not be in the agenda.

b. Extraordinary meeting is the necessary GENERAL ASSEMBLY meeting, the Board of Director must call the members at least one month before. The meeting can be done even if the board of directors seem necessary and 1/5 ratio must be joint to the meeting. Article 14 is applied for the extra ordinary meetings.

Permanent members who are attended the General Meeting; they put their signatures against their names list issued by the Board of Directors. In order to start the meeting, more than half of the permanent members’ presences are mandatory. This status is determined by an official report.

If no quorum at the first meeting, second meeting must be done with the twice time more members of the Association Management and Board of Auditors. Determining a quorum as provided the meeting starts. The President of the Association (Chairman)  or an appointed member of the Board of Directors open the meeting. After the opening, President of the General Assembly, a Vice-President and two secretaries members have been selected with open vote. Meeting has been managed by General Assembly President. Only permanent members of the Association have the right to vote. Each member is entitled to one vote on behalf of the legal person. Decisions are taken only overall majority. Edits organize meeting minutes and

General Assembly President has been signed. At the end of the meeting all records and documents shall be submitted to the Board of Director.

Article 16: The General Assemblys’ Power and Task

The tasks and powers of the general assembly are like as follows:

16.1. Management, audit, select the Honor Board and members with the alternatives.

16.2. Discuss the Management and Supervisory Boards’ study reports and give decision

discussing the study report and acquit the board of directors, if find any defect or liability, give authority for applying judicial.

16.3. Discuss the draft budget which has been  prepared by the Board of Directors and if necessary, change and approve.

16.4.  Purchase of immovable property which are necessary for the Association, sell the in hand immovable goods, in the areas of utilization will bring benefits to authorize the board of directors ,

16.5. Association to participate or leave from the federation, the presence in international studies, as a member of international associations and organizations to participate in or withdraw from membership in the board of directors to authorize the issue,

16.6. To decide the dissolution and liquidation of the association.

16.7. Fulfill the duties which are stipulated by the General Assembly in laws and regulations, using the granted rights.

16.8. Determine the establishment of economic enterprises to realize the objectives of the Association,

16.9. Create regulations regarding the association works, branch relationships and activities.

Article 17: Election of the Board of Directors, Powers and Duties

General Assembly is selected by board of director from 7 (seven) permanent and 7 (seven) substitute members with secret ballot. If some of the permanent member leave from the board, the substitute members are called to the task according their vote ratios. The board of directors are chaired by the oldest member who has been chosen with the top vote ratio within 5 days. Members will choose among themselves President, Vice president, General secretary and Secretary. If the board of directors’members get low from the required number of members, General Assembly is called to the meeting by incumbent Board of Directors or Supervisory Board. The Board of Directors shall perform the following tasks.

17.1.  To represent the Association on this issue or to authorize one or more members,

17.2.  Select the Chairman, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer,

17.3.   Master, candidate, receiving the honorary membership and expulsion from membership and honorary membership to decide whether to nominate for the General Assembly,

17.4.  Determine the amount of annual dues and enter fee for the association.

17.5. Association's income and expenses relating to transactions, the draft budget for the next study period with matters are to be included in the work program, to transfer the new Board of Directors, submitting to the approval of the General Assembly, prepare and implement rules and regulations for the Association, to hire employees, fix fees, dismissal,

17.6.   Announce the decision of the General Assembly to the members and fulfill them.

17.7.   Report to the Governor of the Chosen and foreign members in certain period where is stated in regulation.

17.8.   Prepare necessary opportunities for Honor Board and the Board of Auditors and take their decisions consideration.

17.9.   Call to the meeting of the General Assembly at the request of the General Assembly and sufficient members. Conduct of an extraordinary meeting with the ordinary General Assembly meeting.

17.10.  Make transfer at the sections and agents of the association budget and accept revenue, approve expenditures.

17.11. Accomplish the task for perform the aim of the Association  and take decisions.

17.12. Set up the assistant board or remove.

Board of Directors meet at least 2 months with absolute majority and take decision according to the vote ratio. If the votes are equal then the part of the president is achieved. Association President (Chairman), Vice-President, General Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the first meeting with secret ballot.

Article 18: Duties  division

President of the Association represents the association on behalf of the Board of directors against to the private institutions and judicial organs. Provide the Association studies as appropriate to the regulation and rules. Call the board of directors to the meeting and  chaired the meeting. Make opening speech at the General Assembly. Supervises employees, oversees and manages. Association's leading officials, officers and responsible.

Vice President perform duty with use the President of the Association powers when his absence. Help the president at his study.

General secretary perform writing works and help the association studies.  Provide job sharing and promotes collaboration, and also is responsible for the layout of the transactions.

Treasurer is responsible from Income and expenses of the association . Prepare draft budget,  brings to the Board. Preserves the goods and  maintains record.

Article 19: Board of Auditors

Audit the Association income and expenses within the period not exceeding six months. Studies are done by giving advance notice to the Board or for urgent and important cases, unaware of all records relating to the income and expenses, documents, books. Supervision will report the results in a report to the Board. Extraordinary meeting is to be held in appropriate cases by majority vote of the Board of Directors. Supervisory Board is consist of three (3) full and three (3) alternate members. The General Assembly is held by secret ballot.

Article 20: Honorary Board

Honorary Board is formed by three (3) original and three (3) alternate members which has been elected by the General Assembly. Expelled from membership of the Board of Directors discuss the status of proposed members have received written or oral pleadings, the documents are being examined, if necessary, will be decided after listening to witnesses. Their decisions on the expulsion of Members of the Board of Directors with the decision enter into force. Mostly takes decisions.

Article 21: Advisory Counsil

Advisory council is actualized advisory for gain continuity and consistency to the Board of Directors.

From its inception, Association Board of Directors who has been acting as the president and still being associate members, permanent member legal persons, on-association representatives, board members and authorized signatory directors ,Association of the Advisory Council natural and as a permanent member perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

Advisory Council can arrange meeting with the board of directors by announce of the board of directors.

Advisory council can meet as agenda at least three(3) members’written call in center or branch offices.

Article  22: Selected Persons’ Submissions To The Governorship

The ordinary and extraordinary general meeting within 30 days, management and supervisory boards and are selected to other organs, containing the main and reserve members, reporting results of the general meeting and attachments required by the chairman of the board of directors , notified to the local authority.

Article  23:    Deputy Assembly and Branches

Board of Directors is removed or established the expected benefits for work. The creation of the arm or the removal of the General Assembly may request from the Board of Directors.

Article  24: Branches

The association can open the branch according to the Association Law by the decision of the Board. The branches cannot work against the law of the Centrum.

Article  25: Organs Of The Branches

a. Branch General Assembly

b. Branch Board Of Director

c. Branch Audıt Board

The Organs Of The Branches Tasks and Powers

Article  26:   Branch General Assembly

Branch General Assembly is composed of the members of the branch. Duties:

26.1. Branch Management and Supervisory Boards reserve with select members .

26.2. Branch Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are to examine the report, to justify the Branch Board of Directors,

26.3.  Give authorization to the Branch general board to sell of immovable property.

General Assembly Procedures shall apply to the branch general board. Branch General Assembly is made at least one or two months ago from the Association General Assembly .

Article 27: The Branch Board of Directors

Branch General Assembly are consisted of  5 (five) originals and five (5) alternate members, elected by branch board of directors.

Branch Board of Directors Duties:

27.1. To represent the branch.

27.2. Assembly where the association is established, actualize their  aims.

27.3. Prepare the transactions of the Branch income and expenditure accounts and make transactions related to the budget for the next period and offer to the general assembly.

Branch Board of Directors meets at least twice a month with a absolute majority and decide by vote.

Article 28: Branch Supervisory Board

Branch Supervisory Board, elected by the Branch General Assembly is composed of three permanent members and three alternate members.

Tasks of the Branch Supervisory Board :

28.1 Examine the income and expenses book of the Branch Board of Directors, decided that if they are available for the decisions and give report to the Branch Board of Director. Also when the meeting is actualized, to offer the documents to Branch General Assembly.

28.2.   Do the examination not later than 6 months time period.

Branch Supervisory Board members can joint to the Branch Board of Directors without voting rights.

Article 29: Jurisdiction Branch

Opened a new branch, the branch jurisdiction field is determined by the Association Board of Director when is opened a new branch.

Article 30: Members of Branches

Those who apply for membership they can choose to be members of the branch. A member who doesn’t prefer, they are considered the member of the association.

Article 31: Branches Expenditures

The expenditure of branch is made within the budget approved by Board of Directors and by the decision of Branch Board of Directors. The branches take bill for all expenses. In cases of not to take the bill, is regulated the consumable document with the treasurer signature. The president or vice president is signed.

Article 32: Incomes Of The Branches

Branch income occurs from the source of income where has been in  article 34 or can be occurred by the General Assembly of the Association

Article 33:  Closing of  Branches

Branches closeable if they fail to comply with the regulations of the association or upon request of the Board of Directors branches


The Founding Members


Article 41: The Founding Members

Founder of the association are as follows: